The Department of Health Playing Politics with Youth Sports

Tim Walz Jan Malcom Youth Sports Masking

Politics were the primary motivation in Stopping Youth Sports

Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health shut down youth sports based on political calculations. Instead of using real science, they made their determinations based on Democrat election outcomes. This is sickening. It’s time for a change in leadership at MDH AND in the Governor’s office. Local consultants even tried to help the Governor craft messaging to tie youth sports to NURSING HOME DEATHS. How sick and depraved is that?!

They’ve abused our children and grandchildren! See my full video on the matter by clicking the thumbnail below:

This is a COVER UP and prioritizes POLITICAL SCIENCE over REAL SCIENCE. What else have they said that was not true? What other guidances have been made based on political outcomes? This is shameful and we should not forget who let it happen. These leaders must be held accountable. 

We will NEVER get back to normal without new leadership and that has become so apparent in Minnesota. It’s why I’m running for Governor. Tim Walz must be replaced!

I hope I can rely on you to join our team. Enough is enough.



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