A Plan to Support and Protect Women

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The Plan

In the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade, Minnesotans have engaged in many poignant conversations regarding abortion and have reached out to our campaign. In Minnesota, this has no impact because our Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that Doe vs. Gomez provides that abortion availability is assured. This has raised up many ideas on how we can best support women and children and how we can enact policies that make sense to give loving and caring support for women in Minnesota. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk have a plan to support and protect women!

  • Family and Maternity Leave

    Propose a Family & Maternity Leave program to assist parents to spend time with their children that holds businesses harmless on costs.

  • Adoption Tax Credit

    Provide for an adoption tax credit of at least $2,500 per adopted child.

  • Reduce Adoption Costs

    Dedicate a division of employees from the Department of Human Services (DHS) to screening, processing and expediting adoptions to reduce costs for adoptive families and appoint a Governor’s Commission on Adoption to research and recommend policies to reduce the costs of adoptions. (Jensen said there is no reason that an adoption should cost tens of thousands of dollars when there are loving and law-abiding families wanting to adopt a child.) Such a division of DHS would also analyze and recommend changes in foster care laws to expedite adoptions and give children a loving and caring home with permanency.

  • Fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers

    Increase funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers to assist with counseling and support for pregnant women. Partner state government with non-profits, local governments and churches to provide safe places and resources for mothers. Reform Minnesota’s child care programs to allow for more slots, reduce regulations that are causing providers to leave the profession and increase funding for the sliding scale program to assist with child care needs.

  • Provide Counseling for Rape/Incest Survivors

    Enact legislation to provide free counseling for rape/incest survivors, impose harsher penalties for rapists, require prompt rape kit analysis and distribute emergency medication to all patients undergoing evaluation for rape or incest crimes.

  • Improve Access to Birth Control

    Improve access and availability to birth control by expanding information on natural family planning, providing oral contraceptives over the counter with ceiling price structures, remove barriers to ongoing family planning needs and reduce requirements for continued and consistent access to birth control resources.

  • Parental Notification

    Enact legislation that requires parental notification for minors undergoing abortions, requires comprehensive informed consent procedures for abortion procedures, and establishes high quality medical standards regarding technical skills necessary for abortions and appropriate sites for such procedures.

  • Punish those who Target Women

    Propose and pass harsher laws for crimes that are proven to target women. Women are often targeted for robberies and carjackings.

  • Bring the Hammer Down on Sex Traffickers

    Create commission dedicated to addressing and eliminating child pornography, human trafficking, and sex trafficking. Such a commission shall submit a report on potential legislative actions within six months of origination. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk are committed to bringing the hammer down on sex trafficking.

  • Acknowledge Circumstances

    Acknowledge that any arbitrary list of exceptions to abortion restrictions in the future would include, but not be limited to, allegations of rape or incest, or circumstances endangering mental or physical health of the pregnant woman. As a physician, Dr. Scott Jensen has consistently talked about life being fundamentally threatened by such events. The life of the mother extends beyond the process of childbirth.


Resources and Documentation

Information about adoption in Minnesota: Adoption in Minnesota | Adoption.com

Legislation to create Paid Family Leave Program: SF 4394 as introduced – 92nd Legislature (2021 – 2022) (mn.gov)

Legislation for Family Leave Reform: SF 3885 2nd Engrossment – 92nd Legislature (2021 – 2022) (mn.gov)

Minnesota Positive Alternatives Program: Positive Alternatives (state.mn.us)

Child Care Costs and Information: Cost of Care – Child Care Aware MN

Child Care Issues and Solutions Models: Child care – Important to local and regional economic development – Kandiyohi County & City of Willmar, Minnesota

Foster Care Resources: MN ADOPT – For Permanent Placement Minnesota Children

Millions of dollars of waste and fraud in daycare programs under Tim Walz: FOX 9’s report of rampant Minnesota daycare fraud sparks concern – Bring Me The News


Questions and Answers

Question: How much would the adoption tax credit cost?

Answer: If you look at the average number of abortions in Minnesota and provided the full credit, it would be no more than $25 million.  That would be part of the budget we could find by reducing the costs in the budget of the departments, the legislature, the political refund program or by not having to pay for abortions from the treasury.  It would likely be a combination of reductions, but it is very achievable.


Question: How does the Paid Family Leave Program Work?

Answer: My successor in the State Senate, Senator Julia Coleman has several innovative and creative bills that we would use as models for this program to start.  You can find them here: SF 4394 as introduced – 92nd Legislature (2021 – 2022) (mn.gov) and SF 3885 2nd Engrossment – 92nd Legislature (2021 – 2022) (mn.gov)


Question: What about the situation of the 10 year old rape victim in Ohio?

Answer: That is a situation where abortion should be allowed.


Question: In other states, ectopic pregnancies are being questioned.  Where do you stand on that?

Answer: That is a matter to be handled by medical professionals and their patients. I don’t consider that situation abortion.


Question: Give me a specific example or two for reforming daycare regulations?

Answer: We heard from a daycare provider in Jackson County that said she was forced to drive hours away to listen to a repetitive training seminar.  She had to shut down an entire day when this seminar could have been provided online via Zoom.  It’s time state government move into the modern era.  This would save the provider from shutting down and not waste time and gas money chasing after state government.  We should also analyze what other states do in terms of the number of slots allowed per caregiver, the educational requirements that make us an outlier and paperwork that must be filled out that providers in other states do not have to do.  We also should look into the audit of daycare fraud that cost millions of dollars in waste that could be used for this and other programs or to be used to reduce taxes.

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