Tim Walz’s Abuse

Tim Walz Abuse

Abuse of our freedoms and pitting Minnesotans against each other 😡

I said we were in an abusive relationship with Governor Walz back in December, and I still believe it today. “Do what I say and you can have your freedom back” has been his credo for the last year. It’s a big reason why I’m running for Governor to retire him. The “freedom” we’ve been constantly promised hasn’t happened yet and the goal posts are constantly moving. But we know rights don’t come from government! 

I had to sit down and do a video to explain that not only have his policies and mismanagement been catastrophic for people, but with yesterdays “relaxing” of restrictions, he now will pit Minnesotans against each other.


“Turning the dials” has been an exercise in gaslighting Minnesotans. Our neighboring states who’ve had far less restrictions have done better than us.

Your freedom is not a bargaining chip. We must never be conditioned to that way of thinking. You deserve better. Your kids deserve better. Yesterday it was the COVID-19 Pandemic. Tomorrow it may very well be something else. Tim Walz is a nice enough guy, but as a leader he has failed Minnesotans.

We need a governor who RESPECTS and HONORS your individual rights. I will be just that. Will you join us with a donation of $15, $30, $50 or more and send a clear message of “ENOUGH ALREADY”? We need to elect someone new. 2022 cannot come soon enough. Let’s do this!


In Freedom (real freedom),

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor


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