Violence in Minnesota

Cops and Safe Streets Violence Minnesota

We need safe streets and support for our cops!

There is a war going on in our cities. It is a gang war, and our current leadership will not even acknowledge it is happening! That is not how you fix a problem. You fix a problem by going after the root cause, just like if you are treating a sick patient. This problem was underscored by the mass gang-related shooting in St. Paul Sunday morning. Another young woman was killed, adding to the senseless death lawlessness has produced in our cities.

From Tim Walz down to the radical far-left city leadership in his political party, we are at best seeing inaction and at worst seeing active encouragement of violent criminals. We need to start asking the hard questions! Check out my video message below on what a governor concerned with safe streets SHOULD be talking about:

Far-left city leadership and Democrats at large have failed to address this. You’re starting to see them pivot once again toward gun control, as if that’s going to solve the problem of hardened criminals committing heinous acts! We KNOW it won’t solve a darn thing! I created a CRIME plan which addresses how to keep the streets safe. How many more kids are we going to put in body bags before we have leadership who supports our police, acknowledges the IMPORTANCE of incarceration in deterring criminals, and gets engaged with law enforcement and local leaders?

The stakes have never been higher. If far-left city leaders want to defund the police during this time of unconscionable violence, then the Governor must step in. And I think we need a new Governor for that to happen. Let’s HEAL Minnesota!


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