Heal us from the Violence in Minneapolis

Healing Minnesota means healing from the violence. 

I’ve watched over the past week as violence continues to define Minneapolis and other places in Minnesota. Little boys and little girls have been caught in the crossfire. We get so used to the ballooning statistics of violence that we become numb to it. The rhetoric from politicians about defunding police and provocative racially-charged statements have exasperated an already-dire situation. I fear we’re going into a Summer of violence. I fear that we do not have the leaders willing to stand up and do what it takes to keep our streets safe. Those same leaders, I fear, will not use their platform to deescalate the violence. Mostly, I fear for the state we’re leaving for our kids and grandkids.

Here’s what I’m doing: I’m using this campaign to meet with community leaders like Daniel Ward and Reverend Tim Christopher, and begin to understand the full situation – to learn and ask questions. It’s what I’ve done for 40 years with my patients.

No voice in this state should be ignored! HEALING Minnesota means diagnosing and TREATING the cancer of lawlessness. Our leaders have fostered an environment that’s put our children in harm’s way. I spoke loudly about the impact of lockdowns throughout the year. Similarly, the impact being made from both a broken education system and streets that aren’t safe will be long-lasting for our kids. It’s time for a totally new direction – one that inspires hope and protects Minnesotans, instead of making political calculations with their lives. That’s the type of Governor I will be.



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