Vaccine Passports

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor

On Vaccine Passports

There is enhanced vaccine availability and people are getting to choose how to respond to COVID-19. We are moving toward herd immunity, and it should be a time of celebration.

But in Minnesota, we’re still under unnecessary emergency powers. Many schools are still shutdown, high school hockey teams are being disqualified based on bad science, and even worse ideas are being presented by Democrat politicians nationwide: namely, “Vaccine Passports”. These politicians seek to ban people from travel and even general commerce if they haven’t taken a COVID-19 vaccine. This is WRONG.

Tim Walz and other politicians must unequivocally reject these proposals. Minnesota must be a state that respects health freedom and privacy. If Tim Walz cannot commit to respecting these rights, he cannot be trusted to lead this state. His administration has repeatedly violated Minnesotan’s trust and these policies cannot see the light of day here.

If you’re as concerned about this erosion of our freedom as I am, I’m asking you to double down and support this campaign. We cannot heal if we cannot trust Minnesotans with their own health decisions. I’ve seen no evidence to think Tim Walz would make decisions which respect our rights.

As Governor, your rights will be my first consideration. Can I count on you?



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