Banned from TikTok

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor

They Banned me from TikTok

after building a large following of 286,000 people in less than a month, over 1.2 million likes, and more than 100,000 video views per day, I’ve been permanently banned by the social media platform TikTok without explanation. Cancelled.

They took down two videos where I criticized 60 Minutes for their smear job on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and then banned me outright. I’ve been once again cancelled by corporate giants who wish to silent dissenting voices! In this campaign, we’re NOT taking a DIME from Big Tech. Help us fight against the daily censorship by big tech – by donating $15, $30, ANYTHING to this campaign today.

See my response to this latest example of “cancel culture” by clicking the thumbnail below:

If it can happen to me, couldn’t it happen to you? For years, we’ve been seeing people on one side of the aisle get cancelled by big tech. I’ve made this campaign about reaching new voters wherever they are and this platform decided to silence my voice. We must stand together AGAINST cancel culture and big tech censorship. That is what I’m asking you to stay engaged in this campaign, to HEAL Minnesota. We know this won’t be the last time these platforms try to cancel us, deprive us of a voice, and otherwise try to sink this campaign.

That’s why we need YOUR help.
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Let’s work towards a better state, a better country, and a total dismantling of the “Cancel Culture” that’s been built. To heal, free speech must survive and thrive!

In Freedom,
Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor


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