They Lied About Vaccine Mandates

They Lied About Vaccine Mandates

They Lied About Vaccine Mandates!

They lied to us about Vaccine Mandates. It’s such an indictment on Tim Walz’s leadership and the policies which have had massive implications for our state and country. He and politicians like him have closed businesses, caused gigantic supply chain issues and provoked massive inflation. These issues stemmed from lockdown policies and mismanagement at every level. I fear we’re going to continue to reap what our politicians have sown for the last year and a half unless we start making different decisions!

Becoming a health freedom sanctuary state is the only path forward! Tim Walz has not proven he can take on his own party even when his own party is WRONG. The mandates are unconstitutional, and our government should be challenging them! Moms and dads expect it! Even other Democrat governors are pushing back on vaccine mandates. Check out my video on the issue by clicking the thumbnail below:

We will not be smothered by a culture war or partisan politics any longer. That’s what these vaccine mandates are! Tim Walz is passively approving of them through his silence. Through these policies, he moves us further away from “getting back to normal” — and instead is pitting Minnesotans against each other!

I have a bigger and better vision for Minnesota! We need to LEAD again and let personal freedom guide us. It’s time to build a movement and replace the failed leadership of the past. Join us and learn how to caucus on February 1st:

Let’s make Minnesota a better and more-free state! If you’re not able to caucus for our campaign in February, I would simply ask this: please consider giving to support our cause! We’re coming to the end of the year and absolutely need you. Thank you!


In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota


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