A Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Scott Jensen

Thanksgiving Scott Jensen MN Governor

A Thanksgiving Day Message from Dr. Scott Jensen

During this Thanksgiving season, I am so thankful for you. I’ve witnessed first-hand how passionate and invigorated Minnesotans are to make a change for the good. I’m excited to spend a little time with my wife and grandchildren tomorrow, but this year I have been so honored to be on the campaign trail meeting some of the best people on planet Earth. Thank you for YOUR support!

Across the state, I’m hearing a consistent theme: government has become intrusive to the point where it feels weaponized against Minnesota families. Our farmers should be able to farm; our miners should be able to mine; our teachers should be able to teach; our parents should be able to parent… without the heavy hand of government intruding. While there’s much to be thankful for, there’s much to still fight for. 

Check out my full Thanksgiving message by clicking the thumbnail below.

I hope you and your family are blessed this Thanksgiving season!

In Freedom,
Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota


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