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Scott Jensen Issues Governor Minnesota 2022
Doctor of the Year Scott Jensen Minnesota

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Our state is at a frightening and pivotal crossroads. Only together, through a powerful groundswell of enthusiastic participation and uncommon commitment, can we do what needs to be done. And there is much that needs to be done! We are far too often witnessing the tragic results of failed leadership. 

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My heart’s desire is to see Minnesota not as a state divided but as a place where anything is possible, by anyone, by everyone, and for always.

As a physician, I am often called on to be the voice for my patients.  Now, I am asking to be the voice for all Minnesotans. 

Will you please step forward and strongly consider contributing to our campaign?  Will you join our team of invigorated volunteers?  Without you, success will not be achieved.  Without you, Minnesota will languish amidst meaningless slogans, narcissistic bureaucrats, and dissolving personal liberties. We need your generous support. Whether it’s a contribution of $20, $500, $1000 or $4000, you can drive the change Minnesota needs.

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