Serious Momentum

This campaign is on fire. Coming off an incredible event with Campaign Co-Chair and Vikings Legend Matt Birk, we’ve been making stops throughout Minnesota. To keep a pulse of where our campaign is going to be, make sure to check out our Facebook event calendar. We will update it weekly so you’re always in the loop.

We’re seeing unprecedented support this early for a 2022 election! People are hungry for change in Minnesota, especially as it appears Tim Walz and politicians across the state continue to ignore REAL Science, Safety in our streets, and Students in our classrooms. We can do so much better. As a family doctor, I’ve needed to be a voice of advocacy and action for my patients. I’m ready to lead as the voice for all Minnesotans, especially those who’ve been trampled on and ignored for too long. That message is resonating in such an incredible way! We’re even seeing homemade signs and barn banners go up.

To illustrate this momentum: a couple days ago, far-left newsletter Minnesota Reformer indicated the following: 

“Former state Sen. Scott Jensen has considerable momentum in the governor’s race. The (“GOP”) source has a finger on the pulse of activists who will gather at next year’s GOP convention and endorse a candidate…

‘I think Jensen’s got the endorsement locked up.'”

To be clear: we take nothing for granted. We’ll feel like an election is “locked up” on Wednesday, November 9 2022 when Tim Walz and Keith Ellison begin packing their bags. Big tech, big pharma, and big government will coalesce in trying to defeat our movement, but even Facebook couldn’t keep us banned. We challenged them and WON. And once they removed the constraints, our Facebook engagement took off! We have more people engaging on Facebook than Governor Greg Abbott, Governor Ron DeSantis, and Governor Kristi Noem!

We will prevail because Minnesotans are ready for something different and someone who will lead the state in a more positive direction. It should be clear no matter what: we have 15 months of work to do.

Even still, for the last 5 months YOUR support has created a giant movement: we’ve raised over $750,000 on 7,000 individual donors, have more than $525,000 cash on hand, developed a team of 1200 volunteers statewide, and nearly 70,000 new people have joined our campaign supporter list. Over 1400 Minnesotans even signed up for our caucus camp in the last 2 weeks, because getting to caucus in February 2022 is a BIG DEAL. Thank YOU for lending your voice to this grassroots movement!

We need you now more than ever. With more ensuing madness in masking our kids, potentially locking down our small businesses, allowing lawlessness in the streets, and sacrificing our students’ success in the name of political payoffs, Minnesota is at a tipping point. It should be much easier to live, work, and raise a family in Minnesota – without having to worry about total erosion of your liberties and freedoms! We need new leadership and I’m asking you to unify behind this campaign, our campaign. Donate, sign up to volunteer, become a caucus camp attendee! Anything you can give right now would be so appreciated, no matter how small.

Let’s HEAL Minnesota together!

Humbled, blessed and thankful for your support,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor





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