Scott Jensen Neck and Neck with Tim Walz

Scott Jensen Tim Walz Neck and Neck

Scott Jensen and Tim Walz are Neck and Neck


Did you see the latest poll from KSTP? Coming off our overwhelming win in the MNGOP Gubernatorial straw poll on Tuesday, our campaign is now neck and neck with Tim Walz.

We are the only campaign within 3 (THREE) percent of him according to their latest poll. This is a 9 point improvement for us compared to their poll in December. We are surging:

Scott Jensen Tim Walz Neck and Neck

Your support since our announcement in March 2021 has led to a historic movement: we set a small dollar fundraising record (over $1.2 Million in 2021); we have had historic turnout at nearly every event we’ve had throughout the state; we won the gubernatorial straw poll by a large margin and nearly tripled the total of the next Republican competitor; and now polling is starting to confirm that we have the best shot at beating Tim Walz.

Our message of hope and healing is working! We will win if we focus on safety in our streets, students prioritized over broken institutions, science (NOT political science), and secure elections.

It is time to unify behind our campaign that can win and focus on Tim Walz. We need you at our side over the next several months! Please consider donating, signing up to be a volunteergetting signage for your home, or purchasing merchandise. With your continued support, we will beat Tim Walz! The momentum is on our side. NOW is the time for unity and backing a candidate who can win!


In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota


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