Scott Jensen with Large Lead in Poll

Scott Jensen Leads in Poll

Scott Jensen Favorable in Minnpost Poll

Your hard work is paying off! We are building a movement in Minnesota and I wanted to share with you the results from one of the first polls to come out regarding the 2022 Governor’s race. If you believe in polling at all anymore (I can’t blame you if you don’t), the data is very encouraging!

Tim Walz is underwater. He only has a 44% favorability rating. As crime continues to skyrocket under his watch, Minnesotans will continue to grow frustrated with his inaction. A stagnating economy and parents sending their kids back to school in masks won’t help him either.

Tim Walz is beatable.

And we are the campaign best suited to beat him. In that same poll, where Republicans and lean-conservative independents were polled, here’s where our campaign stacked up:

  • Scott Jensen has a double digit lead in Name ID among the Republican field.
  • Scott Jensen has a 53% favorability rating with women and a 60% favorability rating with Suburban women.
  • Scott Jensen polls most favorably with Trump voters.
  • Scott Jensen polls most favorably among outstate and rural voters.
  • Scott Jensen has the highest name ID and highest favorability numbers in nearly every polled constituency.


It’s just one poll, but the momentum our campaign has is off the charts. To beat the Democrat machine in November 2022, it’s going to take a MOVEMENT. We’re creating it right now as we take our message of safe streets, students, science (NOT political science), and secure elections across the state. We’ve raised nearly $1 million, almost all of it from small-dollar donors. We have a grassroots army of 1500 volunteers statewide and a robust campaign support team across Minnesota.

If you don’t believe the polls, believe the groundswell of support happening everywhere else. Please consider joining our team with a donation, buying some exclusive merchandise, or getting a sign or banner. A contribution of $5 or $10 would mean the world. It’s time to send a message to Tim Walz and other politicians across this state: it’s no longer business as usual.

I’ve been a trusted voice and advocate for my patients for the last 30 years. Help me be the trusted advocate and voice for all of Minnesota.

  • Let’s restore public safety in Minnesota.
  • Let’s fund our children and give them the best opportunity to learn, instead of funding broken and political institutions.
  • Let’s operate with REAL science when making decisions with public health.
  • And let’s ensure we have secure elections from now on in Minnesota.


Together, we can heal this state! But I need you on board, starting today.

In Freedom,
Dr. Scott Jensen





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