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Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan Have Been Soft on Crime. Matt Birk and Scott Jensen have a plan:

The Plan

The exact time everyone realized there was no leadership on public safety is when we saw Minneapolis burning for days with no response from state government. It’s gotten worse since then and there’s no end in sight because Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan don’t have the political will to do anything about it. We have a plan to stop crime cold in Minnesota.

The package includes many measures which will IMMEDIATELY make Minnesotans safer:

  • Make Carjacking a Crime with Harsh Penalty

    Create a specific crime for carjacking. Currently, carjackers are either charged with robbery or assault. This proposal would model after the bill in the Minnesota Senate and being blocked by Democrats in the Minnesota House. Defendants would serve two, four or six year minimum sentences under this proposal.

  • Stop Non-Profit Funding to Bail out Criminals

    End the ability for non-profits to bail out violent criminals, a bill that has been blocked by DFLers in the legislature. Kamala Harris famously donated to a non-profit which bailed out violent criminals after the Minneapolis riots.

  • Bring in the State Patrol to Reinstate Order

    Issue an executive order to deploy state patrol officers to supplement local law enforcement needs in high crime areas. It is patterned after similar actions of Governor Arne Carlson in 1995 and Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2003 when Minneapolis experienced similar surges in murders and violent crime.

  • Make Penalties Harsher

    Stiffen penalties for repeat, violent criminals to felony levels and increase sentencing guidelines for such crimes.

  • Screen and Appoint Judges who will Uphold Sentences

    Screen and appoint judges that commit to stopping “catch and release” and that will sentence violent criminals to the top recommended penalties in Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Repeat, violent offenders have been allowed back on the streets largely because of liberal judges releasing criminals by deviating to lower sentences or probation. A recent article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press illustrated criminals with over twenty prior felony convictions committing further violent crime after repeatedly getting released. Expenses to the state for repeated arrests, prosecution and defense costs, as well as the untold costs to multiple victims prove that in many cases, it saves the state money to keep repeat, violent criminals incarcerated versus the Tim Walz policies of simply releasing them back into society.

  • Judges must Follow Guidelines

    We must also change statutes to disallow judges from deviating down to lower sentences for convicted violent crime from established sentencing guidelines.

  • Protect the Children

    Create a Division within the Department of Public Safety to focus on protecting the innocence of children. This unit would specifically focus on the protection of children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. This would include increasing the mandatory minimums for the creation of child pornography, as well as directives to coordinate with local law enforcement and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to end Minnesota’s reputation as a hub for child sex trafficking.

  • End Recidivism with Productive Training

    Bring in job training, literacy and skills training in the Department of Corrections so convicts released will have the ability to get a productive job and end recidivism. Over 90% of inmates will be released back into society in Minnesota. Coordinate higher education, human services, half-way houses, non-profits, churches and the Department of Corrections to make societal on-ramping a success for those being released. Jensen is committed to appointing Cabinet Members that will make this an integrated success and not operate in bureaucratic silos. The Commissioners of Higher Education, Human Services and Corrections will be directed to make this an immediate high priority in the Jensen Administration.

  • Corrective Labor and Community Participation

    Coordinate a Restorative Justice Initiative that would have offenders cleaning up graffiti and vandalism they and others created. Modeled after the once successful “Sentence to Serve” program in Minnesota which was a proud and innovative model for other states under DFL, Republican and Independent Governors, the program has been gutted under Tim Walz. The initiative would bring accountability to sentencing, while cleaning up our beautiful state, damaged and vandalized by criminals who know that there are little, if any consequences for their actions under this Governor.

  • Use the National Guard

    Commitment to utilizing the National Guard immediately upon need and activate preemptively if needed upon intelligence information. Jensen said that Walz’s waffling and indecisiveness on utilizing the National Guard has led to a culture of lawlessness and sent a message to criminals that there is tolerance for violence.

The Press Conference

The Timeline

The Jensen Administration would start immediately with executive actions and appointments. The legislature would be urged to start passing needed legislation in the first ten days of his administration.

Research and helpful links:

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Child sex exploitation: https://www.fox9.com/news/former-middle-school-paraprofessional-charged-in-child-sextortion-scheme

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