Endorsed by Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson Endorses Scott Jensen

Dr. Scott Jensen Earns the Endorsement of US Senator Ron Johnson

Dr. Scott Jensen has picked up a major endorsement ahead of the convention. Senator Ron Johnson (WI) has been a leading figure investigating Hunter Biden, fighting for health freedom and holding the establishment accountable. He’s called Dr. Scott Jensen a “Health Freedom Hero” and encourages all Minnesotans to get behind our movement. Our entire team is thankful for his endorsement in this race.

Senator Ron Johnson has led. Our campaign is one that continues to lead in boldness and spearheading the issues. We need leaders willing to stand strong despite the slings and arrows that come. Dr. Scott Jensen and his Lt. Governor Running Mate Matt Birk have endured such attacks from the far-left establishment, while other candidates have stood on the sidelines.

Let’s WIN!

-Team Jensen


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