RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Releases Plan to Reduce Gas Prices

May 27, 2022
Angela Cooperman
Campaign Manager
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RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Releases Plan to Reduce Gas Prices

CHASKA, Minn. — Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen offered a bold and detailed plan today that would cut gas prices for Minnesota drivers.
“As I campaign around the state, I hear from Minnesotans about the crushing burden of high gas prices that have been prompted by Tim Walz and Joe Biden,” Jensen said. “This plan is a detailed plan to provide an immediate relief of up to 51 cents per gallon. In fact, the difference between our plan and Tim Walz is actually 71 cents per gallon.”
Walz offered a 20 cent per gallon tax increase on gas, along with a variety of other tax and fee increases that would take money directly out of the pockets of Minnesotans.
Jensen said he would veto any bill that increased the taxes and fees Walz has proposed.
“At a time of severe financial distress for our families, Tim Walz has proposed taking more away from ordinary Minnesotans,” Jensen said. “That’s wrong.  If you want less money in your pocket, vote for Tim Walz. If you want more money in your pocket, vote for Scott Jensen. This is one of the biggest contrasts that any voter will see between the two of us.”
The Jensen proposal includes repealing Minnesota Statute 325D.71, which artificially forces gas to be priced much higher than wholesale price and suspending two different gas taxes. This plan would not interrupt road maintenance or construction as a result. See the full plan by clicking this link.
Jensen said he would expect the legislature to pass his package in the first ten days of his administration.

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