A Plan for Economic Development and Prosperity

Create New Opportunities!

Minnesotans need a brighter future, better jobs, and more opportunity!

The Plan

Our plan will bring about real and positive economic growth, additional capital, good paying jobs and a brighter future for all Minnesotans! See the plan below:

  • Support Mining and Energy Production

    Support the mining industry and its ability to continue operating to provide needed resources for Minnesota and the world. Over 90% of the nickel reserves are located in Minnesota and many other metals needed for alternative energy, cell phones and computers are located in Minnesota. Everyone values clean water and our policies will ensure proper permitting, oversight and accountability. High paying jobs with excellent benefits are a staple of the mining industry and a Jensen Administration will be unequivocal in its support for these workers and their families. In addition, we support the Minnesota Timber Industry. Our state has lost many of its sawmills and timber processors over the last several decades. Minnesotans need to recognize that every year there is a net gain of trees because of proficient and conscientious reforestation programs. Excessive micromanagement of our forests and duplicative regulations often hamper this industry. Proper recycling of residual wood products must be emphasized and innovative uses of such products should be promoted.

  • Bring in Capital Investments

    Bringing new capital investments to hard hit urban and rural areas to intersect with tax free enterprise zones (along with tax credits for job creators and appropriations through the Minnesota Capital Investment bill for public infrastructure) will create new jobs. Modeled after ideas in other states, this sweeping and bold package would target areas with chronic unemployment and economic development needs for highest priority.

  • Expand Job Opportunities

    Reducing permit times, regulations, red tape and bureaucracy by both legislation and executive order to expedite job expansion. The bloated bureaucracy under Tim Walz has grown out of control and is more unresponsive than ever. Numerous companies have reported wait times for expansion permits that are exponentially slower than neighboring states.

  • End Crime Wave

    End the Walz crime spree that is infecting the twin cities metro area. The soft-on-crime attitude that has permeated the Walz Administration since his bungling of the riots has taken a toll on small businesses, especially minority owned small businesses. The Jensen Public Safety Plan is comprehensive and will target the terror that has besieged the twin cities. Very few businesses want to locate in, expand, or grow in high crime areas and a Jensen Administration recognizes that four more years of uncontrolled crime will result in further loss of businesses and jobs. A Jensen Administration will end the “revolving door” of repeat, violent offenders being released with less than the mandatory minimum sentences and, when possible, will replace Walz appointees who ignore the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.

  • Promote Employment

    Implement a workfare initiative for people on public assistance to give the dignity of employment for those who are able - physically, mentally, and emotionally - to perform public service tasks that are needed. This will on-ramp Minnesotans to get a work history record, obtain employable skills and help earn a paycheck. Modeled after other states like Wisconsin, this initiative will help move people from dependency to independence.

  • Improve Access to Opportunities

    Immediately launch the JumpStart Jobs program to provide every Minnesotan with instant and easy access to every open position of the type they are seeking. A healthy Minnesota economy is about creating new jobs. But, it is also about getting them filled quickly with talented Minnesotans. JumpStart combines powerful new aggregation technology with well proven hiring practices eliminating the need for job seekers to waste time searching and filling out endless applications. The increased speed of hiring will allow us to put over 200,000 Minnesotans back to work in the first year alone.

  • Promote Energy Production

    Provide reliable energy that is affordable. Minnesota job providers need to have reliable, sustainable, base load energy that is affordable. Under Tim Walz, energy prices have skyrocketed while warnings of rolling brown outs were issued in 2022. The Jensen Energy Plan will provide both reliable and affordable energy for Minnesota businesses and families. The nuclear moratorium on power plants will be removed.

  • Provide Affordable Childcare

    Provide options of affordable child care by reducing the excessive regulations that are closing in-home child cares and stopping ability of child care centers to open. Businesses and workers need available child care, but under Tim Walz, thousands of child care slots have been lost over the last four years. For example, his bureaucracy requires lecture based training to be done in person, rather than allow it via zoom. Therefore, many child care centers and home based centers have to close a full day to accommodate the bureaucracy. A Jensen Administration will analyze and audit regulations and compare them to neighboring states and ask the legislature to pass changes needed to make Minnesota competitive again.

  • Improve Job Training

    Target apprentice based job training for skills that match the market place. A Jensen Administration will bring together the trade unions, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities, K-12 officials and students to form a partnership to on-ramp interested students in the trades. This will include forgivable loans for students that were outlined in the Jensen educational achievement plan. Every Minnesotan who wants to work and succeed should be able to realize that dream, regardless of the occupation that they choose.

  • Promote Minnesota Tourism

    Promote Minnesota tourism for every part of Minnesota, including fishing, hunting, lakes, parks, arts, festivals, culture, the Mall of America and hosting conventions. Controlling crime is extremely important as conferences and conventions avoid states and cities that are high crime areas. Making Minnesota safe with the Jensen Crime Plan, coupled with marketing and promotion from the Governor’s office will make Minnesota a top tourist destination once again. The #1 Minnesota tourist destination from around the world is the Mall of America. The out of control crime that has erupted under Tim Walz in Minneapolis and permeated into the Mall of America and other suburbs not only impacts our safety, but also shrinks our GDP growth and tourism industry.

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