What a Governor should REPRESENT


A Change in Governor is Necessary

A governor should serve to preserve, protect and prepare. Those three principles are immutable – they are the standard for every governor. I am running for Governor because these principals have not been met by our current administration.

Governor Walz did not preserve Minnesota governance throughout the pandemic. He decided he would do it on his own. We did not elect a central authoritarian to dictate to us edicts as a substitute for local control and personal freedom. Emergency powers was never designed to be a political football like he has made it.

Tim Walz did not protect the citizens of our state. He certainly did not protect our most vulnerable seniors. His Governor Cuomo like policy for returning Covid positive seniors to congregate living created a pipeline for the virus into long-term care facilities.

As the pandemic dragged on, he did not protect our schoolchildren who were locked out of their schools when science said it was safe for them to return. Our students have fallen behind; many are suffering emotional harm. Teen suicides and mental health and addiction issues are rising. The prescription to protect our children was to open the classrooms. He chose not to protect our students.

Governor Walz was not prepared for crisis. His lockdown mandates used faulty modeling to guide poor policy. His first model said 74,000 Minnesotans would die, then reduced that number to 29,000. He later told us 1,000 a day would die last July. The data and modeling he led with missed by magnitudes. While we have tragically lost over 6,000 to COVID-19, Walz’s faulty modeling stoked fear and led to devastating shutdowns.

Jensen Minnesota

My principles


government of the people by the people.


the most vulnerable among us.


for the worst, whether pandemics, natural disasters, or manmade threats.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a medical problem. It isn’t a cause or a crisis to be leveraged for political gain.  It requires an open mind and the ability to admit what we don’t know. It requires leadership that is collaborative in approach and based in fact and science.

Tim Walz hasn’t put in place policies and decisions that have met the standard. It’s time for a new direction Minnesota. It’s time for a leader like Dr. Scott Jensen.

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