Barn Signs, Fence Signs, Rally Signs

We’ve been so inspired by those who have made homemade signs, stationary and banners. It seems like it’s happening more and more everyday. The organic groundswell for this campaign has been incredible. We’re now going to offer signage and banners on our website! Order off our signs and banners page, and we’ll ship them right to your home. Barn banners, fence banners, and rally signs – we have a great selection for you to show your support!

Our rally signs will come in packages, so you can share them with family and friends. We’re very excited to offer these on our website and hope you will take advantage! Most importantly: our banners are Minnesota made and of the highest quality. Get a sign and let’s continue this momentum. Please make note: you’re responsible for all local ordinances with political signage.

Thank you for being part of this team. Let’s HEAL Minnesota!

-Dr. Scott Jensen


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