OSHA and Walz’s COVID Policies

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OSHA Stops Enforcing Mandates and Tim Walz’s Policies Didn’t Work

Yesterday OSHA announced it was suspending enforcement of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for employers after getting rebuked by the courts. Tim Walz praised this overreaching effort, and yesterday – while traveling in Europe – he also made it known that now he thinks emergency powers are not actually effective when it comes to controlling a pandemic. He even seemed to admit that his choices were being dictated by “political fallout”.

I’m glad he’s learned from his mistakes, but the devastation and carnage of the past 18 months… what has it all been for? Following the Cuomo/Newsom playbook and locking our elders in with the sick? Deteriorating our children’s mental health with lockdowns, while trying to blame them for spreading the virus? Closing our churches and places of worship?

The damage is done, and I have some thoughts on what needs to happen now:

If you’ve been following our campaign, you know we’re running on a robust set of issues: Safety in the Streets, refocusing on our Students instead of broken institutions, ensuring we have Security in our elections, and utilizing Science (NOT political science) when it comes to decision making in our government. Freedom and liberty are at the heart of our campaign!

It has never been more clear that Tim Walz’s leadership is often concerned about political implications. Instead of speaking boldly, taking on his own party when its wrong, or involving a diverse set of voices when tackling challenges, he simply fails the test of courage.

A Scott Jensen administration isn’t going to “toe the line” or “kiss the ring” of special interests when making decisions. Our challenges are far too complex and our potential as a state is far too high. In the coming weeks, we are going to lay out a bold, new vision for Minnesota – predicated on the strength of OUR PEOPLE and pioneering a positive future. The politics of the last two decades have clouded the vision of many of our leaders, where instead of asking “what’s possible?”, they ask “which lobbying group am I going to anger with a decision?”

It’s time for us to step away from the cynical, political finger-in-the-wind leadership we’ve come to know. We must make a different decision next November if we want to be a state where our children and grandchildren can thrive. Take the first step and consider caucusing in February.

In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota





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