One Year on the Campaign Trail

One Year Campaign Trail Dr. Scott Jensen

One Year on the Campaign Trail

Today marks one year since we launched this campaign to be Minnesota’s next governor. I’ve been blessed and humbled by the support of so many – from our volunteers, to our donors, to our hardworking and talented team. Over the past year we have built a real groundswell movement, and it hasn’t slowed down:

  • We set a record for off-year small dollar fundraising for a challenger candidate. Our average donation is just over $50, we’ve taken no money from big tech and big pharma, and we’ve not held any big, fancy lobbyist fundraisers to get there. Over 80% of our donations came from in the state of Minnesota. We have raised over $1.5 Million as of today. Nothing like this has ever been done! 
  • We built a volunteer network of over 2,000 Minnesotans who have pitched in, made calls, been social media warriors, and have helped our field development efforts! We are best positioned to win in November!
  • 90,000 people have joined our digital communications list! We are getting new people off the sidelines and involved all over Minnesota.
  • We have built a social media presence which reaches hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (even though they banned us twice) Gettr, YouTube, Rumble and throughout the internet. We are pioneering a new type of campaign which meets people where they are! We even started a campaign podcast, which consistently ranks in the top 100 of political podcasts nationwide – and we were the first campaign in history to use NFTs as a fundraising mechanism
  • We won the MNGOP Caucus Night straw poll by an incredible margin! The grassroots know we can win and we’re working every day to unify Republicans in this state, instead of tearing each other down! We need every Republican and Independent ready to go in November to vote Tim Walz out!
  • We are neck and neck with Tim Walz in polling – and we consistently have the highest favorability ratings of any other Republican candidate. We are performing well in the suburbs and throughout the state in key areas we have to win!
  • We added a strong running mate in Matt Birk – who is a Super Bowl Champion, Minnesota Vikings legend, small business owner, and a staunch advocate for pro-life policies and education choice! He and his wife Adrianna have 8 kids and still found time to start a Catholic High School! Matt will be a phenomenal Lt. Governor, working side-by-side with me to make Minnesota the best state it can be. You can check out his awesome website too!
  • Most of all, we are thankful. Our entire team is thankful for you: for your engagement, your passion and your willingness to help us win. Tim Walz has never been more vulnerable than he is now; he can be beat if we are unified behind a movement that can win. You have helped create that movement!
Matt Birk Scott Jensen Minnesota Campaign Trail

We will continue to lead on the issues. Our campaign is committed to protecting the unborn, defending our 2nd Amendment rights, creating new opportunities for small business, and making our state a state that WORKS for all Minnesotans. Tim Walz promised “One Minnesota” and divided us more than ever could have imagined. This campaign has proven over the last year that we can win and replace his failed policies.

I hope I’ve earned your trust and support! I know if we’re together, we can win and make our state the best it can be.


Humbled and Thankful,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota





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