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Return to Normal MN Jensen

It’s time to return to normal in Minnesota. To do so, caucus for Jensen!

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of the lawlessness, the lockdowns, the stopping and starting of life because of our lack of leadership in our state? Governor Walz has to go, and you can make that happen by caucusing February 1st. Please, for the sake of making our state better, show up, and get engaged.

We have built a movement that can beat Tim Walz and help return sanity to Minnesota. The media won’t cover it; the pundits won’t talk about it, but the people of Minnesota feel it.

When you raise your hand to be a Scott Jensen delegate Tuesday night, you’re participating in far more than just a popularity contest. You’re participating in an active take-back of our state. The difference between our administration and a Walz administration will be dramatic:

Putting an end to the lawlessness

I will do everything in my direct and indirect power as governor to restore order to our streets. Governor Walz has been silent as his party demonized our law enforcement officers and put criminals back on the streets. I will send the state patrol to engage in extra patrols in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Repeat offenders will be under extra scrutiny. We will appoint a Minnesota Department of Corrections commissioner who will exercise the department’s full power to keep violent criminals LOCKED up. I will use my power as governor to request that a new attorney general bring to bear the full force of the state to prosecute and detain violent offenders. Minnesota will no longer be a destination for criminals.

Restoring health freedom and privacy

I will restore order and normalcy to our lives. I will end vaccine passports and mandates. I will not tolerate your lives and your children’s lives being disrupted by the whims of government. We will change emergency powers on day 1, so that the governor no longer has the powers of a king. Most importantly, Minnesota will become a health freedom sanctuary state. Your kids will not be masked; you will not be asked about your vaccination status; we will not take orders from the federal government about our health policies. You deserve freedom and privacy. You’ll get it if I’m governor. I will fight for you like I have fought for my patients for the past 40 years. I will use the full power of the state of Minnesota FOR you and not against you like Tim Walz and his administration have done.

Fixing our broken education system and prioritizing students

Education is not a political payoff. Tim Walz has been beholden to bureaucrats who’ve harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We must give parents and families the ability to pick the best school for their kids. Bureaucratic waste and burdensome administrative costs have put our students last. Minnesota on average spends nearly $13,000 per pupil. We do not have the results to show for it. We must uplift our kids in public school and empower parents with the finances to make a CHOICE for their kids. As governor, I will fully implement school choice and end the scourge of Critical Race Theory in the classrooms – just like they’re doing in Virginia under a Republican governor.

See every issue we’re running on here. It’s time to return to normal and restore the hope of our glorious state. Far-left politicians like Tim Walz have done everything they can to mess it up.

With your participation on Tuesday, we can take the first step in returning to normal and getting back on the right path. If Tim Walz remains governor, I fear we will not have a state worth leaving to our kids and grandkids. I’ve fought for my patients, even when the medical establishment threatened my medical license… now I want to fight for you. Will you join me Tuesday?

In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota





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