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Jensens Principles


Caucus and be a delegate for Jensen! Life won’t return to normal unless Tim Walz is out of office. He’s made criminals out of honest,

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Caucus Minnesota 2022

Get to Caucus, Minnesota!

Get to Caucus, Minnesota! If you don’t show up, the old-guard political class will pick a candidate who will LOSE! You’ve been so helpful to

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Leading and Casting a Vision for Minnesota

A Vision for Minnesota

It’s Time for a New Vision in Minnesota. It’s Time to LEAD. I am running for governor because Minnesota needs someone who really believes in

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Scott Jensen Walz Osha Mandates

OSHA and Walz’s COVID Policies

OSHA Stops Enforcing Mandates and Tim Walz’s Policies Didn’t Work Yesterday OSHA announced it was suspending enforcement of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for employers after getting

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