We Need You

We Need You Jensen Minnesota Governor

We need you!

Our quarterly deadline is coming up tomorrow. I’m asking you to help us meet our goal of $25,000 in one day, and let me tell you why I’m asking for that. 

We are proving day after day that our campaign is for real. Daily, we’re seeing new support, new energy, and new conservative voters who are ready to run through a brick wall to help elect a new governor in Minnesota. Every event we’ve held is getting major turnout. We’re getting donations from public school teachers, fry cooks, law enforcement officers, farmers, pastors, truckers, miners, homemakers, even rocket scientists — a broad coalition of Minnesotans who want someone to fight for their future.

The only missing ingredient is you.

It’s time, right here and now, to unify behind a Republican who can bring a grassroots groundswell and take back the governor’s mansion. That’s what our campaign has become: over 5,000 individual donors, 1,000 statewide volunteers, over 60,000 “Join Our Movement” Signups on our website, and unprecedented enthusiasm at our events. We have millions and millions of views on social media every week, but that hasn’t stopped us from meeting REAL MINNESOTANS all over the state. We have a full summer slate of events all over this wonderful state. If we haven’t seen you yet, we will absolutely see you soon.

Even as early as next week, we’re launching a rigorous delegate recruitment and education strategy from now until February. It’s early, but we need to build a movement and will fight to earn the Republican endorsement. Make no mistake, We are dead set on beating Tim Walz.

Our campaign remains focused on the issues and is operating with absolute commitment to general election victory. This isn’t a game for me, nor is it for our team. The future of our children and grandchildren hang in the balance. Minnesota can be a shining example to the whole country on how to successfully flip a state from BLUE to RED. Even though the election is in 2022, the battle starts right now. I want you in my corner and I will continue to work on earning your support. For now, will you help us hit our goal before tomorrow? $25,000 is a mighty number, but in my experience God can do mighty things. We’ve already seen Him show up in incredible ways during this campaign. Here’s where your money will go, should you decide to take the leap and donate:

$50 would help us buy a digital ad for 3 days.
$150 would help us organize a door knocking day.
$500 would help us get a billboard next year!
$2500 would help us buy television ads!
$4000 would help sponsor voter rallies next year.

No matter how much you CAN give, ANY amount would make the difference. Let’s run a different campaign; let’s unify now and go into 2022 POISED to replace the failed policies of Tim Walz.

The nucleus of our campaign is REAL Science, FOCUS on our Students, IMPROVED Safety on our streets, and ENHANCED Security for our future elections. It’s time to HEAL Minnesota and bring some hope back to our state. Join us.

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota





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