The Strength of Minnesota

Minnesota Strength

The Strength of the People of Minnesota

Today I reflect on our campaign stops in Northern Minnesota this past weekend. Sixteen or more hours on the campaign trail and I don’t tire of learning about the issues Minnesotans care about! Minnesota is a marvel with its lakes and forests and prairies and mountains! But most of all, its people are our true strength! From Duluth, to Proctor, to Silver Bay to Cloquet, I was blown away and humbled by the support our campaign saw!

My message to Minnesotans throughout the state, no matter where they live, is this: government does not know better than you when it comes to running your life! Miners should mine, farmers should farm, teachers should teach — and government should get out of the way! That’s what a “Scott Jensen” administration will unlock for Minnesota families.

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I hear you:

What is absolutely clear: we need to unify behind a candidate who can beat Tim Walz. The path he has put us down and his destructive policies are untenable! It doesn’t matter where you live in Minnesota; you’ve felt the effects of an opaque and hostile government. I will be an advocating voice for ALL Minnesotans – and together, we will heal our state!

Your Fellow Minnesotan,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor


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