A 5th Investigation of Scott Jensen’s Medical License

Weaponized Investigation Medical License Jensen

They’re Once Again Coming After my Medical License!

For a FIFTH time, the Board of Medical practice is being used as a weapon and investigating my medical license. I’m not backing down, and they’re not going to win. And this is why I’m running for Governor —  because I want to change government so that what they’re trying to do to me doesn’t happen to you. In nearly every respect, government has encroached on our lives and made us less prosperous and less free. Under the guise of “safety” or “preventing misinformation”, they continue to target and demonize good people. I need you now more than ever because this campaign is about standing up for those who are targeted and can’t defend themselves!

Please watch my video response by clicking the thumbnail below:

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe I won MN Family Physician of the Year five short years ago. I’ve since become one of the most investigated doctors in the country. And for what? Because I maintain that medical freedom is one of the most important issues of our time. It is immensely difficult to regain your freedoms once they’re taken away. We saw that in Minnesota with Tim Walz’s draconian lockdown policies and we continue to see it across the globe!

I will never stop standing for health freedom, supporting our cops, making sure students are the priority, and securing our elections! They can send the mob or they can weaponize government, but we must all fight for a more free Minnesota. I’m in this no matter the slings and arrows that come. Are you?

In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota


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