A Letter to You

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor

Dear Reader, 

I want you to be among the first to learn that I am running to be the next governor of Minnesota. I believe you will understand the immense challenge that Mary and I will face, and we are grateful for the relationship we share with you. Trust and friendship are critical ingredients which can sustain us on the campaign trail. 

Why am I running? I believe Minnesota is on a path that is eroding so much of what is worthy of celebration in Minnesota. We are not on a path to a place called ‘One Minnesota.’ Rather we are journeying to a place filled with terror and unsustainable policies. Science has been cheapened, businesses have been closed and transparency has become nothing more than a politician’s empty jargon. I refuse to stand by and watch our beloved state slide into a quagmire of ‘doublespeak’ and pandering by politicians more concerned about re-election than solving problems. 

I would like to pose several defining questions: 

  • Do you believe Governor Walz adequately prepared Minnesota for this evolving pandemic?
  • Do you believe the purchase of a $7 million building to serve as a standby (never used) morgue represented thoughtful preparation?
  • Do you believe the vaccine roll-out program represented efficient and respectful planning?
  • Do you believe Governor Walz protected the streets of Minneapolis, the businesses of Minnesota, and long-term care residents?
  • Do you believe policy decisions to lock down nursing homes, lock-in residents, and lockout families preserved the joy of life for those patients and families enduring such rigid commands?
  • Do you believe school closures and business lockdowns were fair, wise, and necessary policy decisions? 
  • Do you believe candy shops, big-box chains, and liquor stores are essential while churches and exercise centers are not?
  • Do you believe Governor Walz has honored his promise to engage in transparent government?
  • Do you believe Governor Walz has appropriately retained emergency powers for an entire year despite the fact that critical moment by moment decision-making is no longer required? 
  • Do you believe this is the last public health crisis we will face, and do we have the right leaders in place for next time?


I know what I believe.


Two forces get me through each day of my life – faith in God and the friendship of my wife, Mary. 

Mary and I are not politicians. Mary enjoyed an exceptional and satisfying veterinary career for nearly 40 years, and I continue to work in the trenches of family practice with delight and enthusiasm.

We have prayerfully considered the door to our future and decided that we must be guided by the words of Edmund Burke:  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

We refuse to do nothing. In fact, we will do everything we can to listen to the voices of all Minnesotans and translate their messages into real actions.

I will be a transparent truth teller and will not disrespect others with denigrating remarks such as ‘rocks and cows’ or ‘19-year-old cooks.’ I will bring a unique outsider authenticity to the work which must be done by the chief executive of Minnesota. I will elevate thoughtful discourse, engage in difficult conversations, and will not allow pandering groupthink to impeach the vital contributions science can provide. 

I will bring a laser focus to the critical issues which challenge us, and certainly this will include the following:

  • Prepare for future public health challenges in a manner which does not impeach the very essence of science and responsible modeling.
  • Protect our seniors and students from the horrific consequences of policies gone wrong.
  • Preserve constitutionally mandated three-branch governance by rewriting Minnesota statutes addressing emergency powers and insuring that, never again, will a politician be able to exercise tyrannical control over all Minnesotans.
  • Restore safety on our streets and be nation-leading in achieving election integrity.

Our state is at a frightening and pivotal crossroads. Only together, through a powerful groundswell of enthusiastic participation and uncommon commitment, can we do what needs to be done. And there is much that needs to be done! We are far too often witnessing the tragic results of failed leadership.

My heart’s desire is to see Minnesota not as a state divided but as a place where anything is possible, by anyone, by everyone, and for always.

As a physician, I am often called on to be the voice for my patients. Now, I am asking to be the voice for all Minnesotans. 

Will you please step forward and strongly consider contributing to our campaign? Will you join our team of invigorated volunteers?  Without you, success will not be achieved.

Without you, Minnesota will languish amidst meaningless slogans, narcissistic bureaucrats, and dissolving personal liberties. We need your generous support. Whether it’s a contribution of $20, $500, $1000 or $4000, you can drive the change Minnesota needs.

I need you to be at my side…in a dramatic charge to election day in 2022!

With gratitude and respect, 

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Dr. Scott Jensen 





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