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  • We Must Address Minnesota's Crime Epidemic.

    Click here to see Scott Jensen's PLAN to reduce crime and PROTECT Minnesotans!

    The summer of 2020 brought days of rioting to our cities. Conspicuously absent from the public was Governor Tim Walz. As our cities were burned and looted even local TV news anchor Julie Nelson asked live on the air, “where are you Governor?”

    When he did appear Governor Walz was asked about calling out the National Guard. In response, the former Guard member, called them “19-year-old cooks”. While the hard-working men and women of law enforcement and our National Guard were on the streets facing rioters for several nights in a row Governor Walz played politics and insulted the very soldiers he served with.

    Minnesota is experiencing a second epidemic, and this one is crime. This epidemic has already taken more lives of those under 30 years of age than the Covid-19 epidemic. This disease is spreading. Every week there are senseless shootings on the streets of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding communities. Our urban areas have become dangerous places and innocent children are caught in the crossfire. Minneapolis hit a 20-year record for homicides in 2021. While Governor Walz shut our state’s economy down for Covid he has been conspicuously absent from this epidemic. We need a leader who is willing to address this issue and who has the political courage to ask the hard questions and not give in to special interests.

    Dr. Scott Jensen has a plan. His multi-faceted approach faces the tough short-term problems while not ignoring the social issues behind the decay we have seen in our urban core. SEE THE PLAN!

  • It's Time to get Serious about Inflation and the Economy.

    See our FIT (Fight Inflation Today) Plan to grow family budgets!

    Tim Walz has had an appetite for spending money. With a record surplus, he wants to spend as much as possible on new projects, bigger government, and things that won't impact Minnesotans lives for the better!

    All of this comes during one of the most tumultuous economic situations many of us have ever faced. There are baby formula shortages, supply chains which are totally broken, grocery store shelves are still empty - and we're on the cusp of economic breakdown due to inflation. Gas prices are far too high and Scott Jensen has a plan to reduce them right now!

    Minnesotans need a leader who will not spend us into oblivion, focus on the narrow tasks of government, and bring real relief to Minnesota families. Dr. Scott Jensen will be that champion.

  • We're Over-Taxed and the Results don't Show. That will Change.

    Minnesotans are some of the most over-taxed people in America. We are losing businesses and Minnesotans are flocking to other states due to our high tax structure.

    Tim Walz wants to play politics and threaten to take more of our hard-earned money even when the budget forecast calls for a surplus. The Federal government under President Biden is on a reckless spending binge making it more important to reel in our State’s spending.

    It starts with shrinking the government and not answering every question with another government agency or program. We know Minnesotans want to invest in themselves and their families and not in the vast bureaucracy that years of Democratic leadership have given us. More government is not the answer; it is the problem.

  • Fund Kids, not Broken Institutions.

    Education is not a political payoff. Tim Walz has been beholden to bureaucrats who've harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We must give parents and families the ability to pick the best school for their kids. Bureaucratic waste and burdensome administrative costs have put our students last. Minnesota on average spends nearly $13,000 per pupil. It's more than that in our urban core. We do not have the results to show for it. We must uplift our kids in public school and empower parents with the finances to make a CHOICE for their kids. We also must empower PARENTS in curriculum and school decision making. Parental RIGHTS MATTER!

  • Keep our Classrooms Open. Protect our Children’s future.

    Tim Walz's school lockdowns have irreparably harmed kids. Under the orders of Tim Walz our children have had nearly two years of critical in-person learning stolen from them.

    Our kids have lost nearly two years of learning, building friendships, athletic achievements, being children, and the important experiences that help them grow. All this while neighboring states and private schools found a way to bring students back to the classroom where they belong. While our kids were suffering and falling behind, Walz ignored science and catered to his donors and political allies to put our kids needs second to politics.

    This was more than an education crisis; it was a mental health crisis. Teen suicides increased, mental health issues and overdoses grew by large percentages while our public schools were shuttered. In a crisis our children need to be heard. Governor Walz did not listen. Dr. Scott Jensen will.

  • Never Let Lockdowns Happen Again.

    Governor Walz used faulty modeling of the pandemic to shut down businesses, devastating jobs and incomes. 14 days to flatten the curve turned into one man rule for over a year. Governor Walz turned a temporary policy into economic crisis for our State. The science is clear, shutdowns do not keep us safer.

    His temporary emergency authority, which gave him unilateral control over lockdowns, was only yielded as a bargaining chip in the State budget process. We can never again allow bad modeling, ego, and party politics to drive policy. We can never again allow the power grab Tim Walz forced on Minnesota. We must have emergency power reform and we must let science, not “political science” lead the way when faced with crisis. Click here to see Scott address ending emergency power grabs!

  • We Need Affordable Medicine in our Lives.

    As a State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen authored a groundbreaking Pharmacy Benefit Manager Bill. Leading from the front, the political outsider built consensus and the Bill passed in the Senate with bi-partisan support.

    In one of his last acts as a State Senator, Dr. Jensen led the way on an insulin affordability Bill. It was designed to guarantee low-cost insulin for Minnesotans for emergencies and ongoing care. The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act had languished for more than a year in senseless political gridlock. With Senator Jensen taking the lead, the Bill was brought to the Senate floor after only 28 days. It not only had bi-partisan support, it passed unanimously. As Governor, Dr Scott Jensen will build on these wins and put the well being of Minnesotans ahead of lobbyists and special interests. On affordable medicine the Doctor is in.

  • Affordable Healthcare Means Having a Competitive Market.

    Single payer healthcare will not solve the health care problems in Minnesota and will damage patient-doctor relationships. It will foster apathy, increase low value services utilization, undermine commitment to service, compromise quality of care, increase waiting time, and reduce provider career satisfaction.

    Dr. Jensen worked diligently during his Senate term to introduce competition into the healthcare field by allowing for-profit insurance companies to operate in Minnesota, increasing pricing transparency in clinics and hospitals, and requiring pharmacy benefit managers to eliminate contractual gag clauses. Our current structure includes a public-private partnership which works well in some ways but poorly in others. Adopting a single-payer system would diminish individual Health Freedom, expand government intrusion, reduce system accountability, and erode patient empowerment. Dr. Jensen strongly opposes single payer healthcare for Minnesota.

  • Life is Sacred. Support Minnesota Families.

    Scott is a doctor who has delivered hundreds of babies, he is a witness to miracles over and over again. He believes in the sanctity of human life. Extremists who argue for late-term or partial-birth abortion do not represent Minnesota values.

  • The 2nd Amendment is to be Protected.

    Dr. Jensen believes in the constitutional right of every law-abiding citizen to protect themselves and their family. Scott sides with the Constitution, and our right to defend ourselves. See our full resource on Dr. Jensen's 2nd Amendment position.

  • Make Decisions Based on Science and Transparent Data.

    Tim Walz made poor decisions that made bad policy. Under his administration’s guidance Covid positive senior patients were discharged from hospitals and forced back to Senior Living facilities where the disease ravaged our seniors. He defended his policy much like New York’s Governor Cuomo did saying, "…..This was what everyone was doing.” This was not true, Tim Walz lied. Proactive Governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis protected their seniors with alternative housing options for Covid positive patients and saw far fewer congregate living deaths.

    We need leadership that will be transparent to the public. Who will publish all data. Who will turn down the temperature on fear-mongering public statements based on faulty modeling and have a real discussion about preventative measures like masks and social distancing.

  • Restore Election Integrity.

    We need to have faith in our elections and their outcomes. Our State leaders had months to determine a path to hold an election in a pandemic. Our State Constitution demands that the legislature be the only body to change election rules and laws. Democrats Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and Steve Simon ignored the State’s Constitution and unilaterally changed how we held our election in 2020. They did this by taking advantage of the Governor’s emergency powers while there was ample time to seek a bipartisan and legal solution. Backroom deals and emergency powers should not have been used to change election laws.

  • It's Time to take the Next Step with Cannabis/Reform.

    As a medical professional Dr. Scott Jensen has seen the benefit of medical cannabis. Our State has had a program since 2015 and Dr. Jensen fully supports it. As Governor he will be an advocate to increase the number of distribution centers, ease restrictions on the ability to prescribe, and allow more providers to better serve the pain management needs in our state.

    Beyond the benefits of medical marijuana Dr Scott Jensen believes it is time for expungement for prior convictions of small amounts of marijuana. Individuals with past criminal convictions can face difficulty acquiring and maintaining employment, attending college, and engaging in other activities. In some cases, this hardship can lead to other crime and recidivism. Dr. Jensen believes it is time to end the cycle and expunge these minor infractions that cause greater harm than good.

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