An Incredible Event with Matt Birk

Birk Jensen Event August

Scott Jensen and Matt Birk hosted a stellar event in West St. Paul!

Hundreds of people came out to see Dr. Scott Jensen and Campaign Co-Chair Matt Birk. The event was at Jameson’s Irish Bar and was packed with lines out the door! This is unprecedented turnout for a candidate this early in the process. With well over a year to go, people were fired up to hear Matt Birk and Scott Jensen speak. Together, they delivered on a positive vision for Minnesota and generated thunderous applause throughout the evening. Check out some of the photos below!

Dr. Scott Jensen said this that evening:

“Once I’m elected Governor, that’s when the real work begins. Politicians celebrate their victory on election night, but that’s not a victory for the voters because elections will not fix Minnesota’s crime problem or improve our schools or restore our freedoms. Instead, it will take a lot of hard work after the election has been won.

I’m a career doctor who treats problems, not a career politician who creates them. And I’m running for governor to do the hard work to fix Minnesota’s problems.”

The West St. Paul event marked an incredible moment in this campaign. People are HUNGRY for change in Minnesota! Join our movement!


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