Health Freedom Sanctuary State

Health Freedom Sanctuary State

RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Calls for Minnesota Health Freedom Sanctuary State and Demands Civil Disobedience Against Tyrannical Mandates

CHASKA, Minn. — Today, Dr. Scott Jensen calls for Minnesota to become a Health Freedom Sanctuary State, protected from the tyrannical mandates of a power-crazed President. Jensen is drafting language for a bill that includes a total banishment on vaccine passports, banishment of private sector vaccine mandates, banishment of child masking policies, and a permanent ban on all emergency lockdown powers – without exception. Until this happens, Dr. Jensen encourages ALL Minnesota citizens and businesses to participate in civil disobedience and not abide by these activities “mandated” by the bureaucratic tyrants in Washington, DC.

Jensen states, “It is time for Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between to meet the moment right now. The tyrannical top-down approach from President Biden must be met with a strong rebuke from state leaders. This rebuke must include an admittance that none of the strong-arm power grabs of the last year have worked at all. They are not scientific, and they are predicated on fear and control. It is time to tell businesses they have no right to dictate their employees’ health procedures and government that it has no right to traumatize our children. Once the bill is fully drafted, I believe authors and co-authors will come out immediately to support it in the legislature. If this is not taken up immediately, Minnesotans must practice civil disobedience and not comply with any mandates until we become a true Health Freedom Sanctuary State. Tim Walz’s silence on this issue has been deafening.”

A full video message from Jensen can be found here:

Jensen, a leading 2022 gubernatorial candidate, insists that this course is the only viable one for Minnesota – which now must protect its citizens from the heavy hand of the federal government and a rapidly-increasing disregard for health privacy across the country. Once language is finalized, Jensen will be aggressively seeking support for the “Minnesota Health Freedom Sanctuary State Bill” from all Minnesota elected officials and candidates.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”


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