Health Freedom

Health Freedom

Health Freedom is Critical!

Justice Alito said it best when he said our response to COVID-19 has brought “previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty”.

The very thing this country was built on is now under threat by over-reaching government, which wants to maintain its power at the expense of its people. We stare down the proverbial barrel of vaccine passports, elimination of private health data, extensive restrictions which harm our children, and a total sacrifice of REAL science to the altar of POLITICAL science. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the real test of our courage. The real test starts right now, as some of the worst and most destructive policies are being conceived in real time.

This past weekend Dr. Scott Jensen received a standing ovation at the Minnesota Holistic Round Table Summit – where he discussed HEALTH FREEDOM as a way to continue to preserve the American way of life and protect our families. Dr. Jensen is the only candidate who has put himself at real risk to protect such promises, having had his medical license threatened numerous times just for asking hard questions and telling hard truths. We must support him to be the next Governor of Minnesota. Our children’s privacy, our individual rights, and the very fabric of the American way rely on it. Tim Walz has proven that he does not respect such rights, that he will enact policies indefinitely which harm Minnesotans.

Let us stand together and say “Health freedom and Health privacy are NOT negotiable!” Our next governor must prove that he or she is a FIGHTER for such rights. Dr. Scott Jensen has already proven that he’ll take on those hard conversations and decisions, even as his professional reputation is under siege. It’s time for a return to normalcy, but a return to normalcy will not happen unless we fight for it. Dr. Scott Jensen is that compassionate fighter.

The rights of you and your family are Dr. Jensen’s top concern. It’s time for a completely new direction in our state. Let’s heal Minnesota.

-Team Jensen


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