A Plan to Cut Gas Prices

Relief for Minnesotans

Gas prices are crushing Minnesotans. Dr. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk have a plan:

The Plan

Minnesotans are feeling the crushing burden of gas prices. The Jensen campaign hears about it no matter where they go! Dr. Jensen and Matt Birk have developed a plan to address this issue and provide REAL relief.

In fact, the difference between Scott Jensen and Tim Walz is actually 71 cents per gallon.

Walz offered a 20 cent per gallon tax increase on gas, along with a variety of other tax and fee increases that would take money directly out of the pockets of Minnesotans. It is time for a bold plan to help struggling Minnesotans:

  1. Increase the availability of higher biofuel blends in Minnesota without a E15 mandate. This could mean an average saving of $.20 per gallon for Minnesota fuel consumers. Credit Card Fee Modernization could save the fuel consumer $.05 per gallon as well!

  2. Suspend the $28.6 cent Minnesota gas tax and freeze the 2 cent click on tax for gas. We can still build roads by backfilling the money from the big surplus that we have, which is in the billions. This will give Minnesota consumers $70 million per month back in their pocket. This plan was enacted in Maryland under a Republican Governor and Democrat legislature.


  3. Reform policies that impact fuel prices – from reviewing and expediting permits for pipelines and refineries, opening up the Minnesota Financial Aid System to aid in the costs of obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License and directing our Commerce Department to report to us within 30 days on any measure we can take by Executive action or legislation to reduce the fuel costs on Minnesotans at either the retail, wholesale or production level.

  4. Minimally, this plan will create a differential of over 50 cents per gallon from the current price at the pump. When you add in the 20 cent per gallon increase Tim Walz was pushing, the differential between the candidates is 71 cents per gallon. That differential for the average driving family with a couple cars is over $1,000 per year. That doesn’t include all the other taxes and fees that Tim Walz proposed dumping on Minnesotans that were not passed by the legislature.

How much does this cost?

The suspension of the gas tax would cost $70 million per month. Our current tax on auto parts, tax on leased vehicles and other mechanisms would be dedicated to backfill the $70 million per month cost. We would take the remaining undedicated tax on auto parts to finance $376 million of the plan, with the balance coming from the surplus. This would not interrupt road maintenance or construction as a result.

How long would this last?

Because of the disastrous energy policies of Joe Biden and Tim Walz, it’s very possible the suspension would have to go until January 20, 2025 because that’s when Joe Biden leaves office after the voters push him out in the November, 2024 election. Voting out Tim Walz will help with the immediate term of slashing gas prices. Permitting pipelines, refineries and helping utilize and “all-in” energy policy is not happening with our liberal administrations.

Is this a partisan gimmick?

Not at all. In fact, several DFL lawmakers offered a bill earlier this session to suspend the gas tax. We believe that this could be bipartisan, but Tim Walz hasn’t offered any leadership on this issue whatsoever, other than to raise the price of gas.

Maryland passed a suspension of their gas tax through an overwhelmingly Democrat legislature. The key was having a Governor with leadership skills like Larry Hogan to get that done.

What is your timing?

Our timing is that if voters want cheaper gas, we vote out Tim Walz on November 8th, we get sworn in the first week of January and we would ask the legislature for swift passage in the first ten days and sign this into law.

At a time of severe financial distress for our families, Tim Walz has proposed taking more away from ordinary Minnesotans. That’s wrong. If you want less money in your pocket, vote for Tim Walz. If you want more money in your pocket, vote for Scott Jensen.
Dr. Scott Jensen would expect the legislature to take up his plan as soon as he’s elected.
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