RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Releases Plan to Fight Inflation

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Dr. Scott Jensen: Minnesotans Need More Money in Their Pockets to Fight Biden/Walz Inflation

GOP gubernatorial candidate outlines “Fight Inflation Together” (FIT) Plan to prioritize family budgets

(St. Paul, MN) Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Scott Jensen released a series of initiatives he will pursue that will put more money in the pockets of Minnesotans.  Jensen pointed to the multi-billion dollar “surplus” that the state government has hoarded over the past year as a result of failed leadership to prioritize Minnesota families.

“New leadership will result in more money for you and your family to spend, save and invest,” Jensen said. “Under Tim Walz, the state government budget and inflation have been growing, while the average family budget has been shrinking, which is leaving less money to spend on groceries, gas and other needed expenses.”

The Jensen Plan includes both aspirational and specific initiatives to protect and enhance the family budget, ranging from tax and spending policy, to regulation and permit reforms. They include the following:

1.       Combating inflation by implementing the Jensen gas price reduction plan and instituting an “all of the above” strategy on energy, which will be specifically outlined in the coming weeks. Energy is one of the biggest contributors to the extraordinarily high Biden-Walz inflation rates.

2.       Putting more money into the pockets of Minnesotans to fight inflation by getting Minnesota out of the top ten in all tax categories in the near term and returning through permanent tax reductions or other mechanisms, at least $5,000 for every family of four in the state.

3.       Increasing the pay of working class Minnesotans by phasing out the Minnesota individual income tax over time by growing the private sector economy, cutting wasteful government spending and utilizing the budget surplus.

4.       Conducting immediate investigations into billions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse that have not been addressed by the Walz Administration, including daycare fraud, food bank fraud, light rail cost overruns and MnLARS program incompetence and rendering savings to better uses and to the taxpayers. Allow the State Auditor to work in concert with the Legislative Auditor to uncover waste and fraud in the state budget. Wasted Minnesota tax dollars under Tim Walz means less money in the pockets of taxpayers.

5.       Line item veto wasteful spending and drive reforms to restructure programs that need examination. This will include examination of spending and program results in the 2023-2024 interim of the legislative session. Tim Walz is the only Governor in Minnesota history to never veto or line item veto any bill or appropriation, showing the lack of insightfulness, oversight and executive responsibility to manage the taxpayer’s dollar. This also includes instituting sunsets of new government programs and a regular and thorough examination, audit and review of programs that can be candidates for sunsetting and reforms.

6.       Keeping our retirees in Minnesota by fully exempting social security from taxation.

7.       Vetoing any new tax increases or proposed agency rules that increase the cost of living for Minnesotans. Proposed initiatives from agencies that cost money or mandate action should go through the legislative process and compete in a fair manner as a priority for funding and consideration of implementation as a mandate.

8.       Appoint competent Commissioners and Agency Staff to make sure taxpayers and job providers are treated in a fair and transparent manner.  For example, the Walz Administration’s Department of Revenue couldn’t get a simple tax change formatted properly, thus recently forcing tens of thousands of Minnesota taxpayers to pay over $38 million of taxes that they weren’t expecting after their returns were filed.

9.       Institute Executive Orders, Directives and initiate proposed legislation to repeal or amend costly mandates that drive up the cost of living in Minnesota. Rural daycares must attend lectured training that easily could be conducted via zoom, forcing them to close for a day, driving up transportation costs and making their business more difficult to operate. Jensen said that he wants to have more input on other unfriendly agency actions and burdensome regulations under Tim Walz that other states do not have.

10.   Proactively expedite permits, licenses and change other regulations that prevent job and wage growth across various sectors of the Minnesota economy. These range from permits that job providers like rural ag businesses contend with and local governments that raise property taxes, water and sewer rates to deal with unreasonable regulators. This would also include support to unleash the economy in northeastern Minnesota by permitting copper-nickel and other mining facilities that have properly followed the strict environmental regulatory processes required under Minnesota law.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Jensen asked. “With expensive gas, groceries and energy, I want Minnesotans to know that there is a distinct and clear difference between Tim Walz and me.  Walz has proposed taking more money from your pockets by proposing increased gas taxes, license tabs and other fees and I will let you keep more of your own money.”

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