Failed Leadership from Tim Walz

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor

Tim Walz has shown failed leadership.

From media personalities, to political pundits, to those casual observers, one thing has become clear in Minnesota: we have failed leadership at every level, including the Governor’s office. As local celebrity Jason DeRusha pointed out, the response to the riots and unrest in our state indicate a total failure.

Now more than ever, we need clear leadership, focus, and someone in the Governor’s Mansion who will not kowtow to donors, public unions, and political agendas.

I want you to watch my video response on this issue. We must demand better in Minnesota, because the world is watching our every move. And the world has been less than impressed with our efforts.

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Let’s work towards a better state, a better country, and a total dismantling of the “Cancel Culture” that’s been built. To heal, free speech must survive and thrive! Tim Walz’s failed leadership must not define us. None of this will change until we have a new administration. 

In Freedom,
Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor


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