What Scott Jensen Stands For

Dr Scott Jensen Governor Stands For

What Dr. Scott Jensen Stands For

It’s easy to be AGAINST something. Tim Walz has catastrophically failed to protect, preserve, and prepare Minnesota. It’s harder to be FOR something in light of those failures because there’s so many to discuss. But let me tell you, the reasons I’m in this race right now are simple:

  • Safety – our kids need to feel safe, no matter if you live in Minneapolis or anywhere in our state. We must have a Governor who supports RE-FUNDING our police, NOT DEFUNDING them. I’m meeting with community leaders to identify solutions for the violence in our streets. They’re demanding police presence. I am too. 
  • Science – families have been left by the wayside as our Governor has trusted faulty models and relied on political operatives to dictate his lockdown policies. Our small businesses and schools were needlessly impacted. I will be a Governor who relies on REAL science, not POLITICAL SCIENCE to make decisions.
  • Students – isn’t it time for a Governor who trusts parents to make the best decisions for their kids? I will be a school choice champion. We need to focus on funding students, NOT broken institutions. We spend an immense amount of money per pupil and our achievement gaps are increasing. I will listen to parents who know what’s best for their kids. NFL legend Matt Birk and Adrianna Birk, who started a Catholic High School, are advising me on education policy as Campaign Chairs. Further – I can tell you right now, students in public school should not learn to hate one another because of Critical Race Theory. If I’m Governor, schools will focus entirely on better educational outcomes – NOT political indoctrination.
  • Secure Elections – We need to have faith in our elections. Our State leaders had months to determine a path to hold an election in a pandemic. Our State Constitution demands that the legislature be the only body to change election rules and laws. Democrats Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and Steve Simon ignored the State’s Constitution and unilaterally changed how we held our election in 2020. They did this by taking advantage of the Governor’s emergency powers while there was more than enough time to reach a bipartisan and legal solution. Backroom deals and emergency powers should not have been used to change election laws. I will be a Governor who trusts the legislative process and keeps our elections secure. You’re not a conspiracy theorist to demand this.

Thank you for your support! YOU run this campaign and together we’re going to HEAL Minnesota! I hope I can count on your support. Our message is resonating, and we’re seeing an outpouring of support from suburban women – a key demographic we must win as Republicans. We’ve raised over a HALF MILLION dollars in 2 months. We can BEAT TIM WALZ! We have a positive message which will finally flip Minnesota. Can we count on you?






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