Why Did Tim Walz Delete His COVID Press Conference Videos

Tim Walz Deleted Youtube videos

Why did Tim Walz delete his press conference videos relating to COVID and the George Floyd riots?

It appears Governor Tim Walz has deleted a myriad of his YouTube videos relating to COVID and the George Floyd riots. The videos have been purged from official channels and no explanation has been given. Why? Check out some of the examples given by Josh Kimber:

This speaks to Tim Walz’s lack of transparency! Why not keep these videos up for public viewing? Thankfully, our team has found numerous alternative places where the videos or audio reside. Governor Walz must answer: why were these videos DELETED?

People often ask me what the BIGGEST difference is between a potential Jensen administration and the Walz administration of the present. There are a lot of differences, but the biggest may be the willingness to be transparent. We have never had a more secretive and opaque administration than the one Governor Walz is running. Why were these deleted?


-Scott Jensen


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