Letter to Minnesota Caucus Goers and Future Delegates

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor 2022

A letter to Minnesota Caucus Goers and Future Delegates

Dear Minnesotan,

I’m so grateful. People like you, who show up, are the ones most committed to bringing the biggest changes that will make Minnesota a better place. Thanks for being here tonight, thanks for everything you do, and thank you for being involved.

My name is Dr. Scott Jensen and I’m running for governor because we need a fearless leader who listens, leads, and talks straight in Minnesota.

A pandemic ravaged our elderly and most vulnerable, and no one took any real action to stop it. As our cities burned, our brave and capable National Guard soldiers sat on the sidelines while our Governor and long-term politicians measured the political fallout. When science told us we could safely reopen small businesses and schools, our current administration chose to ignore it, doubled-down on their belief they know better and sided against responsible business owners, parents, and children. While children in neighboring states, and students in private schools adapted, and continued learning in the classroom, our kids were locked out, isolated, and forced to learn online, fueling the already massive disparities that plague Minnesota.

No one person, party or group has all the answers, and there’s not one politician who is an expert in everything surrounding the economy, policing, eldercare, or education. The number 1 job of our leaders is to LISTEN and find the balance that protects our health while promoting economic growth, and empowering people to make their own choices, instead of imposing a heavy-handed political agenda.

I’ve seen firsthand the crushing fist of the far-left. I went from Family Doctor of the year in 2016 to the most investigated Doctor in America in 2020. Why? Because I spoke truth to power against the COVID lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and overreaching government! Big pharma and big tech didn’t like that. They tried to take my medical license 5 times and I beat them. I continue to be a tireless, relentless fighter for our constitution and our God-given rights. My patients trust me to be their advocate, and now I’m asking to be YOUR advocate as Governor.

Whether it’s fighting for health freedom, the rights of the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, safety in our streets, reforming our broken education system, or creating a better economy, I am the candidate who has STOOD IN THE BREACH and not blinked. I’ve grown up here in Minnesota, I’ve seen the challenges, I’ve stood strong because that’s what Minnesotans do. The spirit of Minnesota is still strong, but we need new leadership.

Tonight, I hope you will raise your hand and say “I want to be a delegate for Scott Jensen.” The stakes are too high to pick a candidate who can’t win and won’t fight – and I’ll continue to fight for you and your family every step of the way.

In Freedom,
Dr. Scott Jensen





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