It Boils Down to CRIME

Minnesota’s experiencing a second epidemic, and this one is crime. This second epidemic has already taken exponentially more lives of those under 30 than the epidemic Tim Walz shut our state down for. Every week you see shootings in Minneapolis, with innocent children being gunned down virtually every weekend. Minneapolis is on pace to set a record of over 100 homicides this year, and that violence is now spreading outside the city – it’s spilling into Rochester and Woodbury and Austin. We need to address this issue NOW, and have the political courage to do so. It boils down to C R I M E. Click the thumbnail below and see what our campaign stands for when it comes to public safety and stopping the violence! ⬇️

A Review of our C R I M E Plan

COPS – Dr. Scott Jensen believes we need to be supporting our law enforcement and calling for the violent criminals to be caught, convicted, and imprisoned. Tim Walz and out of touch Democrat leaders in our cities are blaming the police, Dr. Scott Jensen know we need more cops not less. The fact is the Democrats attacks on the police officers and their efforts to defund the police are making the problem worse and turning our inner city into a shooting gallery. The Minneapolis Police Department has only half the number of officers that the police chief said was necessary in 2019.  Being abandon by Governor Walz and city leadership has caused a sense of low morale within the ranks of the officers and made it difficult to recruit, which is harming the city’s ability to protect the citizens.

Dr. Scott Jensen will support our police.  He will seek to increase the numbers of officers and return law and order to our broken cities.  He will do this by demanding that staffing levels meet city charters and work with County Sheriffs and State agencies to backfill and provide boots on the ground until recruiting and training in the departments can catch up.  We cannot stop this epidemic unless we have an antidote.  Trained and ethical policing at the proper staffing level is the cure for what ails our cities. 

REFORM – Reform is already happening. The legislature has addressed many of the underlying issues. 99.9% of cops are good and we’ve gotten better at getting the bad ones off the street. Crazy talk about defunding and dismantling the police sends a message to criminals that it’s open season on gun violence. It’s not at all reform. Anyone who advocates disbanding and replacing the police needs to be publicly called out as an accomplice to the problem. Have you heard Governor Walz condemn the defund talk from the Minneapolis city council? Have you heard him support our police? I haven’t. As governor I will support our police, AND I will work to improve our police as new issues arise.

INCARCERATION – The revolving door system for violent criminals set in motion by years of appointments to the bench by Democratic governors is failing us.  We are seeing stays of sentences and catch and release policies where bail and bond are waived for violent criminals and that puts them back on the streets just hours after being caught. 

Local community leaders point to these far-left policies that are emboldening gangs and pushing violent crime into our neighborhoods. We need to remove offenders from the street both in the short term, and when justified, in the long term to break the cycle of violence once and for all.

As Governor, Dr. Scott Jensen will shine the light of day on the judge’s decisions to let violent criminals out prematurely so the community can see who is allowing the cycle to continue, so together we can make the necessary changes. He will appoint judges who are committed to keeping communities safe and are not trying to social engineer from the bench.

He will also support a viable and robust penal system that has enough cells to accommodate and support a rehabilitation system that breaks the cycle of recidivism.

The current system is broken, and we need a leader who is not afraid to take bold action, will not give into special interests, and will not be beholden to the whispering of social justice crusaders. Much like an emergency room at a hospital, it will take a team of dedicated people, the right tools, and the caring and passion to mend and heal.  Dr. Scott Jensen is a leader who can bring these attributes together and help our cities to recover and return to their health.

MINNESOTA – Greater Minnesota and our cities fates are intertwined. This issue of lawlessness matters to every community large and small.  When the rule of law breaks down anywhere it threatens the public safety, economic health, and the future of our great state.

We need a leader who will draw lines and not allow autonomous zones that cut off innocent people from the basic rights, services, and protections they are guaranteed to as citizens of our state. We need to check unlawful demonstrations on public roadways that prevent emergency services from reaching hospitals and unnecessarily threatening the health and welfare of those in need. 

We have to stop the decay of what is right and what we consider acceptable in terms of lawlessness and squatting on private and public land.  Lawlessness is the root of our present-day public safety being compromised. If city leadership won’t do what’s necessary, the governor must.

Dr. Scott Jensen will approach the problems we see in our inner cities with a Minnesota perspective. We have to have law and order and an expectation of public safety.  Special interests and years of Democratic governors have left us where we are today.  It is not acceptable, and it has to change. This is not the Minnesota we know.

ENGAGEMENT – We need engagement from our Governor. Engagement is a verb and an action word. Tim Walz is anything but engaged on the issue of crime and public safety.

Dr Scott Jensen is a leader who will roll up his sleeves and elevate local voices who understand the problems our cities face. He will be a leader to those whose city officials  choose to put their agendas of social justice ahead of the public good.  The tough questions need to be asked and real solutions need to be sought. We need a leader who will not put his finger in the wind and see which way the politics of the day are blowing.

Public safety is job #1 for government. As your next governor Dr. Scott Jensen will restore that priority to Minnesota.

This election is about healing Minnesota. If far left, defund the police liberals in city government will not do what is necessary, the governor must. Tim Walz sat on the sidelines as our police stations burned and our cities became war zones. We have deep, long-term issues which must be addressed – but in the meantime, we have to bring peace back to the streets. Dr. Scott Jensen will be a Governor who listens, who makes bold decisions, and who protects.

Dr Jensen took an oath when he became a medical Doctor to “Do no harm”.  Years of Democratic leadership has left us at a crossroads and in the situation we face today.  Dr. Scott Jensen will help us heal our great State.

Dr. Scott Jensen
Candidate for Minnesota Governor

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