It Boils Down to CRIME

Minnesota’s experiencing a second epidemic, and this one is crime. This second epidemic has already taken exponentially more lives of those under 30 than the epidemic Tim Walz shut our state down for. Every week you see shootings in Minneapolis, with innocent children being gunned down virtually every weekend. Minneapolis is on pace to set a record of over 100 homicides this year, and that violence is now spreading outside the city – it’s spilling into Rochester and Woodbury and Austin. We need to address this issue NOW, and have the political courage to do so. It boils down to C R I M E. Click the thumbnail below and see what our campaign stands for when it comes to public safety and stopping the violence! ⬇️

A Review of our C R I M E Plan

COPS – While this crime epidemic is raging, what are our elected officials doing? Are they supporting our law enforcement and calling for the violent criminals to be caught, convicted and imprisoned? Have you heard Governor Walz talk like that? I haven’t. Instead, I hear the Democrats blaming the police for the violence. Their attack on policing is not only wrong-headed, it’s causing a massive number of officers to leave the Minneapolis police force, making the problem worse and turning our largest city into a shooting gallery. Over 200 police officers have left the Minneapolis police department in the last year, and the city now has only half the number of officers that the police chief said was necessary in 2019. We can’t control the crime epidemic if we don’t have an adequate number of police officers, and we’re already beyond that point. In 2019, Chief Arradondo set a vision for 1300 officers to help keep Minneapolis safe. Do you know how many we’re at right now? Roughly 580. Less than HALF of what Chief Arradondo said the city needed within 4 years of today. We need more cops and until we have more cops, we need to pull every lever to make sure we have street patrols until we have the number!

REFORM – Reform is already happening. The legislature has addressed many of the underlying issues. 99.9% of cops are good and we’ve gotten better at getting the bad ones off the street. Crazy talk about defunding and dismantling the police sends a message to criminals that it’s open season on gun violence. It’s not at all reform. Anyone who advocates disbanding and replacing the police needs to be publicly called out as an accomplice to the problem. Have you heard Governor Walz condemn the defund talk from the Minneapolis city council? Have you heard him support our police? I haven’t. As governor I will support our police, AND I will work to improve our police as new issues arise.

INCARCERATION – Violent criminals are being let into the streets by Democrat-Appointed judges every day. If you’re convicted of a gun crime, organize gang activity, facilitate deadly street races, you MUST stay in jail for your full sentence. An incredible number of the murders happening are from repeat offenders! We are not listening to our local communities or law enforcement leadership. They know who the worst offenders are! As Governor, I’ll open a full audit of these judge’s decisions to let violent criminals out prematurely. I will appoint local judges who are committed to keeping communities SAFE, not PLAYING SOCIAL JUSTICE POLITICS.

MINNESOTA – The state of Minnesota and Minneapolis are intertwined. This issue of lawlessness matters to the WHOLE state, our commerce, and our prosperity. We must strike back against the misplaced mutiny of autonomous zones and unlawful demonstrations on private properties or public spaces such as freeways and roadways which are for vital everyday transportation to work and hospitals – and personal destinations should not be interrupted because someone decided to hold a demonstration which will harm others. This lawless intrusion into citizens’ rights is wrong. The growing willingness to disregard the rights of others is a poison which spreads like wildfire putting innocent peoples’ lives in danger. Lawlessness is the root of our present-day public safety being compromised. If city leadership won’t do what’s necessary, the governor must. It matters for our WHOLE state.

ENGAGEMENT – We need engagement from our Governor. Are we elevating local voices who understand the problems? Community leaders who want to see the violence stop should be lifted up, as should leaders in the legislature if they’re willing to roll up their sleeves and come with ideas. I will engage leaders at all levels throughout our state to ensure we return to safe neighborhoods and safe playgrounds and safe streets!

Public safety is job #1 for government, and as your next governor I promise to restore that priority to Minnesota. Folks, this campaign is about healing Minnesota. That means healing our streets of crime. If liberals in city government won’t do what is necessary, the governor must. Tim Walz sat on the sidelines as our police stations burned and our most famous cities became war zones. Our children are dying because of it. We have deep, long-term issues which must be addressed – but in the meantime, we have to stop the death and bring peace back to the streets. I will be a Governor who listens, who makes bold decisions, and who protects our precious Minnesota children. Mothers shouldn’t have to see their babies in body bags because of senseless violence. “Do no harm”.

Dr. Scott Jensen
Candidate for Minnesota Governor

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