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Life won’t return to normal unless Tim Walz is out of office. He’s made criminals out of honest, every-day Minnesotans with his Cuomo-style lockdown policies and he’s let real criminals roam free.

Instead, imagine having a governor who values education centered around students, supports law enforcement and safety in the streets, creates a competitive and thriving economic climate for families and small businesses, expands our fundamental rights like free speech and the right to bear arms, and restores health freedom and privacy. It can happen! But we need to pick the best candidate who can win and champion those values. That starts tomorrow night at your precinct caucus.

Find your caucus location now and show up at 7 PM tomorrow! You can also find it on the Secretary of State website!

Please, do everything you can to be there, say “I want to be a delegate”, and vote for us in the Straw Poll!

Are you undecided? Let me help. We have campaigned for nearly a year and are best positioned to take on Tim Walz and the DFL machine in November.

  1. We set a small dollar fundraising record in 2021. We have energized Minnesotans from all over the state. No Republican or Democrat has built the war chest as a challenger in the off year like we have. This matters because Tim Walz will have an immense amount of money to control the message. We’re the only campaign that’s built this grassroots army.
  2. I stood in the breach and haven’t flinched. The medical and political establishment tried to take my medical license 5 times because I challenged Tim Walz’s one-size-fits-all COVID policies. I’ve built clinics, started businesses, witnessed first-hand the dysfunction in St. Paul, and had my livelihood threatened for my stances. I haven’t blinked and I won’t blink as your governor. I’ll be an advocate for Minnesotans like I’ve been for my patients. I don’t just talk about fighting this creeping authoritarianism; I’ve lived it.
  3. We’re expanding the conservative tent. We are making the case for conservative values in places where Republicans haven’t before. From the Iron Range, to the suburbs, to North Minneapolis and beyond, people are coming into the Republican fold who haven’t before! We will win because we’re creating a movement.
  4. The DFL fears our campaign most. We have been attacked relentlessly already by Tim Walz and the Democrat machine. They know we’re unpredictable and creating a groundswell movement never-before-seen in Minnesota. We have generated massive interest at events and rallies and have built recognition across the state!
  5. I will be a leader for our conservative movement. From ending lockdowns and vaccine mandates, to advocating for parental rights in health choices and education, to protecting our fundamental freedoms, I have led on the issues – even as my career was threatened. We can win as Republicans, but only if we have a candidate who has broad appeal and speaks boldly even when it comes at a cost. I will be that candidate.

With your participation tomorrow, we can take the first step in returning to normal and getting back on the right path. If Tim Walz remains governor, I fear we will not have a state worth leaving to our kids and grandkids. We will not return to normal if he is re-elected in November. Let’s nominate a candidate who can win and fight for us! Show up and participate in your caucus! 

I need you, but most importantly: Minnesota needs you. Remember the words within Esther 4:14. We have all been called “for such a time as this”.

Let’s win and take back our state.

In Freedom,

Dr. Scott Jensen
Republican Candidate for Governor – Minnesota





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