RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Dominates Caucus Straw Poll

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February 2, 2022
Angela Cooperman
Campaign Manager
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RELEASE: Dr. Scott Jensen Dominates Caucus Straw Poll, is Poised for a Strong Endorsement Performance

CHASKA, Minn. — Dr. Scott Jensen won the MNGOP caucus straw poll by a large margin, nearly tripling the vote total of his next nearest opponent according to the Republican party results. With a pinpointed focus on delegate recruitment and activation, Dr. Jensen blazed a different trail, inspired thousands throughout the state, and has solidified himself as the best candidate to achieve victory in November. On top of his phenomenal caucus-night performance, Scott Jensen maintains over $800,000 cash on hand, a war chest which will last through the endorsement process and beyond. He is the candidate who will unify Republicans and Independents alike in a groundswell effort to defeat Tim Walz.

Said Jensen of the caucus night performance, “Tonight, every-day Minnesotans are the heroes, and they will be heroes again in November. People from all walks of life stepped into the arena and came out in droves to support our movement. I’m humbled by the support our campaign received. The legacy of Tim Walz will be lockdowns, lawlessness, and division. We are not ‘One Minnesota’ and Tim Walz is to blame for that. We can heal from the wounds he’s inflicted and strive for a better future. That’s the case we’re making all over the state – and tonight proved it’s resonating in a big way. Minnesotans want to return to normal – and that won’t be possible while Tim Walz is governor. We will continue to focus on safe streets, students instead of broken institutions, making decisions based on science (NOT political science), and secure elections. For the first time in a long time, Minnesotans have hope in the political process.”

Dr. Scott Jensen will continue a rigorous travel schedule across Minnesota, unifying the base of Republican delegates and independents. Minnesotans are ready for change.

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