Poll Shows Jensen Up 1 Point in Informed Poll

Jensen Poll Up 1 Point against Walz

New Poll shows Dr. Scott Jensen UP Nearly 1 POINT After Talking about the Issues and Walz’s Failure We just got our poll back! It’s a dead heat and we’re within the margin of error against Tim Walz (4%). But get this: after we talk to voters about crime and inflation, we are up by nearly […]

Endorsed by Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson Endorses Scott Jensen

Dr. Scott Jensen Earns the Endorsement of US Senator Ron Johnson Dr. Scott Jensen has picked up a major endorsement ahead of the convention. Senator Ron Johnson (WI) has been a leading figure investigating Hunter Biden, fighting for health freedom and holding the establishment accountable. He’s called Dr. Scott Jensen a “Health Freedom Hero” and […]

The Minnesota Freedom Show

The Minnesota Freedom Show

The Minnesota Freedom Show Dr. Scott Jensen and his running mate Matt Birk continued their creative and pioneering campaign with another first-of-its-kind event. The Minnesota Freedom Show was a digital live fundraising and variety event – showcasing the themes of leadership, tackling the issues, and the intrinsic greatness of Minnesota. Featuring Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson, NFL […]

One Year on the Campaign Trail

One Year Campaign Trail Dr. Scott Jensen

One Year on the Campaign Trail Today marks one year since we launched this campaign to be Minnesota’s next governor. I’ve been blessed and humbled by the support of so many – from our volunteers, to our donors, to our hardworking and talented team. Over the past year we have built a real groundswell movement, […]

Campaign Rally with Matt Birk

Scott Jensen Matt Birk Rally

Join this rally with Matt Birk and Scott Jensen You’re invited! Join the Jensen team for a campaign rally and special announcement Tuesday evening. We will be joined by Vikings Legend Matt Birk! Come meet up, get pictures and support our campaign. RSVP directly to [email protected] OR click the flyer below. There is no obligation […]

Scott Jensen Neck and Neck with Tim Walz

Scott Jensen Tim Walz Neck and Neck

Scott Jensen and Tim Walz are Neck and Neck Did you see the latest poll from KSTP? Coming off our overwhelming win in the MNGOP Gubernatorial straw poll on Tuesday, our campaign is now neck and neck with Tim Walz. We are the only campaign within 3 (THREE) percent of him according to their latest poll. This […]

Letter to Minnesota Caucus Goers and Future Delegates

Dr Scott Jensen for Minnesota Governor 2022

A letter to Minnesota Caucus Goers and Future Delegates Dear Minnesotan, I’m so grateful. People like you, who show up, are the ones most committed to bringing the biggest changes that will make Minnesota a better place. Thanks for being here tonight, thanks for everything you do, and thank you for being involved. My name […]


Jensens Principles

Caucus and be a delegate for Jensen! Life won’t return to normal unless Tim Walz is out of office. He’s made criminals out of honest, every-day Minnesotans with his Cuomo-style lockdown policies and he’s let real criminals roam free. Instead, imagine having a governor who values education centered around students, supports law enforcement and safety […]

Get to Caucus, Minnesota!

Caucus Minnesota 2022

Get to Caucus, Minnesota! If you don’t show up, the old-guard political class will pick a candidate who will LOSE! You’ve been so helpful to our campaign. I’m blown away by the support we’ve received in our mission to defeat Tim Walz and HEAL Minnesota, but now it all comes to this: Caucus night on February […]

Why Did Tim Walz Delete His COVID Press Conference Videos

Tim Walz Deleted Youtube videos

Why did Tim Walz delete his press conference videos relating to COVID and the George Floyd riots? It appears Governor Tim Walz has deleted a myriad of his YouTube videos relating to COVID and the George Floyd riots. The videos have been purged from official channels and no explanation has been given. Why? Check out […]