$100,000 for a Firm Specializing in Abortion Doulas?

Abortion Doulas

Tim Walz is spending COVID funds on wasteful whims that have nothing to do with COVID, including a Non-Profit which specializes in Abortion Doulas. 

Tim Walz still wants to raise taxes despite getting $2.8 Billion from the federal government for COVID relief. What makes that proposition worse is knowing what he’s already spent COVID funds on:

  • $100,000 for a non-profit specializing in “abortion doulas” (what?)
  • $275/hour contract with a New York public relations company to help Walz blame children’s sports for nursing home deaths
  • $20,000/month to another consulting firm (how many consulting firms do you need?)
  • $20,000 to a non-profit to recruit volunteers to put together “wellness bundles” including tea and non-traditional health supplements
  • THOUSANDS paid to “influencers” to make YouTube videos for the government.


Minnesota has its own swamp, and the head of it is Tim Walz. His policies of locking down our state have been made worse by continued mismanagement and political calculus. Why are we spending money on these things when Minnesotans are still hurting financially? Why is a tax increase still on the table?

Why is the state of Minnesota footing the bill to help Tim Walz craft a political message?

This administration has been a case study in what NOT to do. I will bring transparency and balance back to the Executive Branch in Minnesota. It’s long past due. Join our movement if you’re ready for a change in our state!


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