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It's Time for a New Direction In Minnesota.

Dr. Scott Jensen's Prescription

Faded Scott Jensen Governor Minnesota

Fellow Minnesotans,

We have some serious issues to diagnose and treat if we want to be a state that truly thrives again. A pandemic ravaged our most vulnerable populations in congregative care and our Governor took no pinpointed actions to stop it. As our cities burned, our brave and capable State’s National Guard soldiers were forced to sit on the sidelines by our governor. As the science told us we could safely reopen small businesses and schools, our current administration sided against responsible business owners, parents, and children. Our kids were locked out their schools while children in our neighboring states and local private schools attended full time and in person. Within Minneapolis public schools our inequities have grown deeper. Within our schools, political indoctrination seems to be prioritized over real education; our parents are being left out of the equation! And our tax dollars are being wasted on daycare fraud and rampant abuse.

But our diagnosis is far from hopeless. My vision is not just of a return to normal for Minnesota, but of leadership that trusts and respects the people. We can have real science guiding the decisions we make. We can trust parents and students to do what’s right for them and their unique situation and not be given one size fits all solutions by lifelong bureaucrats. We can cherish our small businesses, restaurants, and employers – not take them for granted. We cannot make policy using speculative models that aren’t peer reviewed and measured and updated with facts as time progresses. Our great State has suffered under unilateral control, partisan bickering, and political brinksmanship by the parties and politicians. Given our history and resources I truly believe Minnesota can be a beacon rather than a laggard in recovery and healing. We need a new vision, a new prescription. That is why I am running for Governor. It’s time for a new direction in Minnesota.

My relationship with my patients is based on mutual trust and decision making. Together Doctor and patients seeking facts and paths to recovery. That is who I will be as your governor. I will work with science and facts as I do every day as a medical professional. I will trust and empower you to make the best decisions for your family. We will keep our businesses and schools open, and never let them be shut down again. Instead of rampant fraud and abuse, unneeded morgue purchases, and standing by silently as our cities burn, my administration will pinpoint our areas of need and implement solutions where they are most essential and when called for meet the urgency of the moment.

I hope you will join me at this critical time for the State of Minnesota.

Please join us.



Dr. Scott Jensen

Little Scott Jensen Signature
Doctor Scott Jensen Physician MN


Minnesota's Crime Epidemic

Our governor must support police and have the political courage to return safety to our streets. Kids must feel safe going to school or going to the park. Enough is enough!

Economy and Inflation

Minnesotans need a leader who will not spend us into oblivion, focus on the narrow tasks of government, and bring real relief to Minnesota families. We must reduce gas prices and protect the pocketbook of Minnesota families!

Funding Kids, not Broken Institutions

Education is not a political payoff. Tim Walz has been beholden to bureaucrats who’ve harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We also must empower PARENTS in curriculum and school decision making.

Parental Rights

We must empower parents to make the best decisions for their kids, inside and outside of the school. Too often, our children are being subjected to political indoctrination. Let’s get back to the basics of education and leave the hard social issues at home!

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